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Pruvious aims to offer the optimal developer experience for building websites using Nuxt.

What is Pruvious

Pruvious is a free and open-source CMS that seamlessly integrates with the Nuxt framework, allowing you to utilize Nuxt as you normally would without worrying about compatibility issues.


Some of the key features of Pruvious include:


CRUD models that correspond to database tables such as pages, users, and settings. They offer two modes: multi-entry and single-entry. Collections provide support for various features including database constraints, indexes, translations, caching rules, and more.

Models that represent database columns, such as id, title, createdAt, etc., along with their nested objects. Fields can be defined directly in Vue components (blocks) or collections. Pruvious has 27 predefined standard fields.

Typesafe API for querying collection data.

User-friendly and customizable interface that automatically displays defined collections and fields. It is built with Vue and Nuxt and can be extended directly from your project.

Special Vue components that define fields in addition to the standard props. They are used in the dashboard content builder to render dynamic website content.

Pruvious provides API endpoints and a media library to easily manage all uploads. The files can be stored either locally or in an S3 storage.

All the collections data and strings within the code can be translated into multiple languages. Smart features like locking field values across different languages are also included.

API endpoints for user login management using JSON web tokens. User permissions can be granted in a granular way based on capabilities and roles.

Resource-intensive tasks can run asynchronously at specified intervals.

Actions that are triggered when specific CRUD operations occur through the Pruvious collection API.

Full support for all relevant meta tags, including automatic generation of sitemaps and robots.txt files.

An intuitive interface for setting up new websites, deploying them on production servers, creating backups, restoring backups, and mirroring content between local and remote sites.

Prerequisite Knowledge

While the documentation aims to be beginner-friendly, we need to establish a baseline to maintain focus on the Pruvious functionality. We will include relevant documentation links when introducing new concepts.

To fully benefit from our documentation, it is recommended that you have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, Vue, and Nuxt.

Last updated on January 18, 2024 at 02:34