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Launch Pruvious on your local machine using the terminal.

System requirements

New project

To start a new project, we suggest using the pruvious init command. This command will install Nuxt and Pruvious, and configure all the necessary settings.

# Terminal

## pnpm
pnpm dlx pruvious@latest init <dir>

## npm
npx pruvious@latest init <dir>

Replace <dir> with the path (relative or absolute) to an empty directory where you want to initialize the project.

Existing project

If you already have a Nuxt project, you can install Pruvious using your package manager.

# Terminal

## pnpm
pnpm add pruvious

## npm
npm i pruvious

Make sure that the major and minor versions of Pruvious (e.g., v3.9.x) match the versions of Nuxt. The patch version may vary. For example, Pruvious v3.9.1 is fully compatible with Nuxt v3.9.0 but might have bugs with Nuxt v3.8.2.

Once the module is installed, you can run the following command to set up Pruvious:

# Terminal

## pnpm
pnpm exec pruvious setup

## npm
npx pruvious setup

This command will make the following changes to your project:

  • It adds pruvious to your nuxt.config.ts modules.

  • It creates layouts/default.vue if missing.

  • It replaces the contents of your app.vue file with <NuxtPage />.

  • It replaces the dev script in your package.json file with pruvious dev.

  • It adds new entries in the .gitignore file if possible.

Development server

To start developing, run the command below in your project directory:

# Terminal

## pnpm
pnpm dev -o

## npm
npm run dev -o

A browser window will automatically open at http://localhost:3000. You can access the dashboard and create your admin account at http://localhost:3000/dashboard.


To upgrade your Nuxt project to the latest release, use the nuxi upgrade command.

# Terminal

## pnpm
pnpm exec nuxi upgrade

## npm
npx nuxi upgrade

Afterwards, install the Pruvious version that matches the major and minor versions of Nuxt. For instance, if you have Nuxt v3.9.0 installed, you can install any Pruvious version starting with v3.9.x.

Next steps

After creating your Pruvious project, you are now ready to begin building your website.

Read more in Project structure.

Last updated on January 14, 2024 at 18:26