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The presets multi-entry collection is a collection of reusable block presets for page-like collections. When you create a preset, it will be automatically displayed in a special Preset block that is included by default with the CMS. This allows you to reuse parts of your page content on multiple pages and make changes to them from a single location.


The collection includes the following fields, with required fields indicated by the R symbol:


name R

A unique preset name or title.


An array of nestable blocks that make up the preset content.


An automatically generated unique identifier that groups records as translations of each other. When populated, this field resolves to a key-value object. The key represents he language code, and the value is the corresponding record's ID or null if no record in this language exists.


The language code associated with this collection record. If not provided, the code of the primary language will be used. Learn more about translations here.


An automatically generated timestamp indicating when the preset was created.


An automatically generated timestamp indicating when the preset was last updated.


The unique identifier of the record.

Check out the collection definition on GitHub for more details.

Last updated on December 31, 2023 at 16:19