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Date-time range field

The date-time range field stores a tuple of timestamps in milliseconds that represent two date-time values.

Date-time range field


Here's an example of using the date-time range field in a block:

# blocks/Flight.vue

      {{ flightTime?.[0] ? new Date(flightTime?.[0]).toLocaleString() : 'Unknown' }} -
      {{ flightTime?.[1] ? new Date(flightTime?.[1]).toLocaleString() : 'Unknown' }}

<script lang="ts" setup>
import { dateTimeRangeField } from '#pruvious'

  flightTime: dateTimeRangeField({
    required: true,
    placeholder: ['From', 'To'],

Here is another example of how to use it in a collection definition:

# collections/products.ts

import { defineCollection } from '#pruvious'

export default defineCollection({
  name: 'products',
  mode: 'multi',
  fields: {
    discountDateTime: {
      type: 'date-time-range',
      options: {
        required: true,
        placeholder: ['From', 'To'],
    // ...


You can specify the following options in the date-time range field:



A boolean indicating whether to display a clear button that removes the current value. The clearable option can be defined as a tuple of booleans, with each boolean representing a picker.


The default field value ([null, null] if not defined).


A brief descriptive text displayed in code comments and in a tooltip at the upper right corner of the field.


The field label displayed in the UI. By default, it is automatically generated based on the property name assigned to the field. For example, travelDate becomes Travel date.


The latest possible date and time (as timestamp in milliseconds).


The earliest possible date and time (as timestamp in milliseconds).


A string that specifies the name for the input controls. You can specify the name as a tuple of strings. If not specified, the name attribute will be automatically generated.


Text that appears in the input elements when they have no value set. You can specify the placeholder as a tuple of strings.


Specifies that the field input is mandatory during creation.


A boolean flag indicating whether to use UTC time in the date-time pickers. The stored values are always in UTC. The default setting is true.

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